WEBINAR REPLAY: Generation X Marks the Spot for Growth

Watch a replay of the webinar “Generation X Marks the Spot for Growth” presented on January 27, 2017 by the MacroSavvy Resource Network™ with the support of Prosper Insights and Analytics™.
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Generation X Marks the Spot for Growth
TOPIC SUMMARY: Generation X Marks the Spot for Growth –

Millennials may be the current darlings of retailers and consumer goods companies, but guess what?

Gen X is a currently a larger slice of the consumer economy than either the Millennials OR Boomers based on various spending measures, if not population. And this “forgotten generation” brims with spending confidence.

Watch this webinar to learn about trends that are shifting the balance of power—and spending—to Gen X and why you need to review your consumer strategy today.

Also see the presss release regarding this webinar.

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