Clearer signs of spending letup from strong holiday

Retail sales through February show clearer signs of a letup from a strong holiday. Most notably, sales show a pronounced letup from the strong November start to the holiday. From year-to-year gains that peaked near 6% in November, growth has slowed to about 4% or less in February for retail sales excluding autos, fuel, and […]

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Holiday retail sales and shopper insights

Initial Holiday Results: Much better than expected

Holiday sales for November-December approached a 6% gain, which outpaced forecasts of a better holiday and year-ago performance by as much as two percentage points or more. The strength was evident across all types of brick and mortar stores—not just online….

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A Better Holiday – Except at Apparel Stores

In-store holiday retail sales will improve from last year except at apparel stores—but gains will continue to benefit e-commerce retailers most of all. See the complimentary report at this link for more detail on the holiday forecast by MacroSavvy™, which addresses:…

Retail spending in 2017 suddenly looks weak

The trend in retail spending suddenly looks much weaker through April—partly as a result of revisions to the government-reported retail data. December holiday results also were revised downward. Sales excluding autos and fuel are growing roughly between 2.5% and 3.5% in…

Holiday retail sales and shopper insights

Updated Holiday Results: Revised Down a Bit

Brick and mortar retail gains for the November-December holiday were about 2.4%–given topline sales gains that were revised down a bit to 3.9% and online gains that came in at an estimated 14.9%. The results were slightly higher than expected. The…

See-Saw Start to 2017 Retail Spending

Retail spending to start 2017 continues to see-saw between weak-to-modest growth. In January, sales improved slightly from a weak December, according to the latest government data. So far, the numbers do not suggest that a big jump in spending is in…

Holiday retail sales and shopper insights

Initial Holiday Results: Stronger in Places

The 4% gain in holiday sales for November-December was stronger than expected and stronger than a year ago—by about half a percentage point on both counts. The better results occurred partly at brick and mortar stores—not just online. The in-store results,…