macro trends

Consumers lead slowdown in Q1 economic growth

The U.S. economy slowed in the first quarter of 2018, driven to a large extent by a big slowdown in consumer spending. The results confirm a post-holiday return to less robust consumer spending (more here) and raise some concern about the outlook—even if market analysts discount the overall economic letup as temporary, Below are highlights […]

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macro trends

U.S. economy on track to sustain growth in 2018

The U.S. economy appears to be on track to sustain economic growth into 2018 based on insights from the latest GDP data through the fourth quarter of 2017. The outlook is particularly encouraging given the latest uptick in the data excluding…

Holiday retail sales and shopper insights

Initial Holiday Results: Much better than expected

Holiday sales for November-December approached a 6% gain, which outpaced forecasts of a better holiday and year-ago performance by as much as two percentage points or more. The strength was evident across all types of brick and mortar stores—not just online….

macro trends

A Better Holiday – Except at Apparel Stores

In-store holiday retail sales will improve from last year except at apparel stores—but gains will continue to benefit e-commerce retailers most of all. See the complimentary report at this link for more detail on the holiday forecast by MacroSavvy™, which addresses:…

Holiday retail sales and shopper insights

Updated Holiday Results: Revised Down a Bit

Brick and mortar retail gains for the November-December holiday were about 2.4%–given topline sales gains that were revised down a bit to 3.9% and online gains that came in at an estimated 14.9%. The results were slightly higher than expected. The…