The Spending Confidence Index™

A better measure of confidence than existing measures of consumer or shopper sentiment. This is especially true for retail and consumer goods analysts and investors, as explained in this white paper. Or see monthly posts here.
Get access to the Spending Confidence Index™ via the focused annual subscriptions available here or as part of a macro insights or a category insights package. These give you access to:

  • Access to the data detail by category via a dashboard where data can be viewed and downloaded. See a sample page here.
  • Breakouts of the Spending Confidence Index™ by eight category composites and by generations (i.e., Millennials, Gen X, Boomers, and the Silent Generation).
  • Insights on confidence measures beyond the topline summary provided in the MacroSavvy™ posts, which can be found here.
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The Index is available for the following breakouts:spending confidence trends

  • Consumable Goods categories;
    • Food & Grocery.
    • Health & Beauty.
  • Discretionary Goods categories;
    • Clothing.
    • Homegoods.
    • Electronics.
    • Leisure Goods.

See a sample page here.

A few facts about the index:

  • The data source for the index is the monthly survey of more than 5,000 consumers conducted by Prosper Insights and Analytics.
  • The index is based on a question that asks respondents—for 19 specific categories—whether they plan to spend more, the same, or less over the next 90 days than they normally spend.
  • The topline index is a composite of indices for the 19 underlying categories. A subset of the 19 categories is used to create each of the category group indices, e.g., consumable goods vs. discretionary goods, etc.

For more about the Prosper data platform underlying the index, go to the firm’s homepage.

If you have questions or would like to be invoiced for a purchase, please contact