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Election-related worries may be why consumers’ confidence to spend declined in September.

• The decline comes on the heels of a rise in consumers that say they “worry more about political and national security issues,”.

• The spike in political worries coincides with a slowdown in retail sales and slippage in spending confidence.

• Overall, spending confidence declined in September to the most noticeable extent since May.


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The Spending Confidence Index™ is a better measure because it is not hampered by the volatility found in traditional confidence measures. The new Index:

• Is especially relevant to business analysts and investors in the retail and consumer goods space.

• Leverages questions about consumer spending plans in 19 specific product categories from the monthly survey by Prosper Insights & Analytics™.

• Avoids ambiguous questions about “business conditions” as recommended by the latest research.


Click below for survey questions, charts, and data:
Store, online, mobile: HOW and HOW OFTEN do consumers shop for CATEGORY-X?
WHAT stores do they shop for Category-X?
WHY? The reasons consumers shop particular stores or brands
WHICH media and research affect CATEGORY-X purchases?
HOW Long, HOW Likely to recommend the store?
HOW MUCH do they spend?
WHY NOT? Spending confidence and disruptors
WHERE do Amazon Prime members vs. nonmembers shop the category?
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