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In short, the MacroSavvy Resource Network™ is:

  • A network of subject-matter experts
  • Sharing a toolkit built on macro & shopper analytics
  • Helping clients evaluate, solve, and decide

The Network is a way to tap into an array of resources—subject matter experts—to get the specific skills you need to address the business issue at hand.

It’s a way to get the full value from the shopper and macro analytics and insights that represent a common toolkit shared by the entire network.

It’s about finding the right person using the right tool to address—to evaluate, solve, or decide—the right business issues and questions.

Our Member Experts

To connect with the right resource, reach out to any of the following members. Contact details are available by clicking through to their profile page. Or contact Frank Badillo.

Our Capabilities

The skills and capabilities of the network’s members span the following:

Best practices analysis
Brand strategy and brand management
Business advisory
Business development
Category analysis studies
Competitive analysis
Compile presentations
Concept strategy
Consumer and shopper insights
Consumer research and segmentation
Consumer/shopper insights & analytics
Due diligence
Ecommerce strategy
Economic impact assessment
Executive presentation/PPT decks
Field work: store/site visits, audits, tours
Forecasts by channel/category/other
Future forecasting
Geographic market assessment
Go-to-market strategy
Industry studies
In-store retailer activation studies

Manage large qualitative projects
Manage large quantitative projects
Market & category sizing
Market opportunity analysis
Market sizing, share, and growth
Marketing strategy
Merchandise strategy & assortment planning
Performance benchmarking
Real estate strategy
Reports, digital magazine articles, blogs
Research design
Retail customer/competitor assessment
Shopper/consumer segment assessment
Social media/content marketing
Strategic planning
Thought leadership
Trends analysis
White papers, research reports, articles