Gen X Is the Focus of a Free Webinar

The overlooked importance of Generation X to the consumer economy will be the subject of a complimentary webinar in January presented by the MacroSavvy Resource Network™ with the support of Prosper Insights & Analytics™.

“Generation X Marks the Spot for Growth” is the title of the free webinar at 11 a.m. (EST) Friday January 27, 2017. To sign up, follow this link:

Generation X Marks the Spot for GrowthFrank Badillo, Director of Research, will be joined by members of the MacroSavvy Resource Network™ (more here) to examine the implications of trends based in part on Prosper’s monthly consumer survey.

The takeaways will draw on:

  • A generational drilldown on Spending Confidence, which is jointly produced by MacroSavvy™ and Prosper (more here).
  • Differences in spending across key categories, including groceries, eating out, drug/HBA, clothing, homegoods, and electronics, among others.
  • Shifts in preferences among retailers and between brick-and-mortar and online shopping alternatives.
  • A range of metrics from the Prosper database, which features more than 1,500 consumer survey questions and data that go as far back as 2002.
  • The unique perspectives of the Resource Network subject matter experts and strategists, whose specialties range from clothing to food, and geographic analytics to strategic advisory.

Questions about the webinar can be directed to or any of the Resource Network members (found here).

To sign up, click here.


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