Announcing an Expansion of the MacroSavvy™ Offer

MacroSavvy™ is pleased to announce a two-part expansion. The expansion adds shopper data to the existing macro analytics platform—and multiplies the value of the platform through a network of partners.

  • Shopper data. The first category-focused shopper insights subscription packages are being rolled out (more here). These leverage the monthly survey of more than 5,000 consumers by Prosper Insights & Analytics™ in the second phase of its collaboration with MacroSavvy (details here). Clothing, Food/Grocery, Baby Products, and Eating Out are among the first category packages offered.The MacroSavvy Resource Network™
  • The MacroSavvy Resource Network™. The network provides a range of skill sets to leverage the shopper-macro platform for custom work on behalf of clients—in addition to the subscription offer. The network’s first members feature seven accomplished subject matter experts and strategists, whose specialties range from clothing to food, and geographic analytics to strategic advisory. Click here for more about the network.

The first benefits of the expansion are evident in the insights work just posted to the website. Network member Sandy Skrovan has leveraged the shopper data in a report titled: Shopper Trends: Impact on the Online “Tipping Point” by Category.

Sandy’s report is summarized in an article found here, which is accessible to all. Go here for the full PowerPoint report and underlying data, which are available for purchase.

The core benefit to clients—from this and other work from the network—will come from the synthesis of shopper and macro analytics, which are most powerful together than when undertaken separately. The Resource Network provides clients flexible new ways to access these combined analytics with the key involvement of knowledgeable subject matter experts.

To find out more and connect with the right network resource, reach out to any of the members listed on the network page. Or connect with MacroSavvy™ via Frank Badillo, Director of Research, or Rick McClure, Business Development.