MacroSavvy™ and the MacroSavvy Resource Network™

Frank Badillo is the founder and director of MacroSavvy™, which aims to help individuals and firms make better everyday decisions in response to the macro trends—e.g., economic, shopper, category—that matter most for businesses and households.

Frank specializes in a data-driven approach to reconciling trends, leveraging the latest business intelligence and data visualization tools. See his profile here and on LinkedIn.

MacroSavvy’s products and services are also part of the MacroSavvy Resource Network™, which leverages and shares the ongoing macro-shopper research led by MacroSavvy. See more here.

The Network is a flexible way to tap into an array of resources—subject matter experts—to get the specific skills and insights you need to address the business issue at hand.

Frank Badillo manages the Network and the macro-shopper research—helping you find the right resource and insight you need from the network. For more information, reach out to Frank or to any one of the Network members (click on their names in the graphic for bios).

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