The MacroSavvy™ Mission:

A big-picture translation tool: MacroSavvy™ is a tool for your work life as well as your home life. A tool that helps you make everyday decisions. Better decisions that respond to big-picture trends—whether those trends are:

  • Economic (e.g. food and fuel price movements),
  • Demographic (e.g., life stage movement of Millennials), or
  • Other macro-level forces (e.g. health care trends).

Ongoing insights into what matters: Tap into a weekly flow of MacroSavvy™ insight that will make a difference in several ways:

    • Sort out what’s important from what’s not. Becoming savvy about big-picture issues is recognizing that some matter more than others. MacroSavvy™ identifies the difference.
    • Focus on the impact on your life—at work and at home. Discover the action steps you need to take today or down the road.
    • Pay nothing—or only for what you neeed. When you need more, get access to insights on a pay-as-you-go basis. Or, sign up for an ongoing subscription or custom project among the Products and Services summarized here.

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An extra focus on work needs: MacroSavvy™ PowerPoint slides and data can be leveraged directly into your work assignments. This will be especially helpful to anyone who needs to understand big-picture trends in their everyday job and for their long-term career development.

MacroSavvy™ gives you a personal resource you can afford on your own—in addition to the resources provided by your employer. Think of it as your own personal competitive advantage in the workplace.

Customized services: MacroSavvy™ can be of particular help when it comes to your need for custom consulting in your work life.

  • Business consulting: MacroSavvy™ serves a range of needs. Fit MacroSavvy™ into your project team to ensure a view on how big-picture trends affect business objectives. Or, look to MacroSavvy™ for stand-alone trend analysis, forecasting, white papers, or presentations. For more about custom services, GO HERE.

Frank BadilloA trusted adviser: MacroSavvy™ is led by Frank Badillo, Director of Research. Frank has been a trusted adviser to Fortune 500 companies for more than 20 years. As an applied economist with a unique range of quantitative and communication skills, Frank has shown a proven ability to reconcile macro trends, helping clients understand key factors shaping household behavior nationally as well as globally. See Frank’s profile on LinkedIn.